Solution Details

SONY PLUS Surveillance to Secure Your Banking and Financial Intuitions. With millions bank transactions every day, banking and financial institutions have been exposed to substantial criminals. At the same time, .how to improve customer experience and management efficiency has been emerged. as a major task for management facing the fierce competition in the modern world. The fast innovation in security with both technological breakthrough and business integration has been an important enabler for banking and financial institutions to improve vulnerability and management efficiency.

SONY PLUS is the pioneer of H.265 implementation in surveillance industry. The adoption of H.265 can greatly reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage capacity while maintaining the same video image quality. The full adoption of H.265 can best protect your investment and

Reconstruction of the human upper body modeling, using the most advanced machine learning algorithm and video structure, quickly identify a variety of face attributes, such as age, gender etc.

Solution Status

  • High resolution of 4K, improve image quality greatly.
  • Multi-function product, reuse the existing cable and easy to install, greatly save the investment.
  • Through face recognition function, enhance the VIP customer experience.
  • Output flow traffic statistics in premises by period, provide decision-making basis for management.
  • Integrated end to end system, compatible with third-party system.
  • Record the transaction information and clear facial picture, provide strong proof if disputes or misunderstandings from the customer.